One of "our boys" in British tax havens.

Bjorglfur Thor Bjorgolfsson once one of the richest man in Britain and one of the main culprits in the economic destruction of the Icelandic economy, has over 20 companies in Luxembourg, but not one of them has him listed anywhere. His main company in the UK is Novator. In Luxembourg there are nine Novator co. and at least ten other that are connected to him. The British Virgin Island, Tortola is one of the main tax havens Bjorgulfur Thor and others, like Jon Asgeir Johannesson of Baugur have registered companies. Many of the Icelandic business men have also used places like the ones Bjorgolfur Thor is connected to via his companies, such as Cayman, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Tortola, Turkey, Cyprus and The Czech Republic. Delaware in the USA is also named.

Cyprus is very popular with the Russian Oligarks to lauder their money. And interestingly enough many of those tax havens are under Britsh rule, such as Tortola, Cayman, Gibraltar and Guernsey.

Could problems there run deeper than the UK government wants to admit?

Bjorgulfur Thor has had the protection, admiration and goodwill of Icelandic politicians and in fact the general public named people like him and Jon Asgeir of Baugur names like such as “our boys”. Those men where used when the general Icelander talked about “how well we are doing abroad”. In the end the public pays both with their wallets and for their stupidity.

From the blosphere:

“Why are people linking this mobster with Iceland, he is a citizen of Cyprus”

“Icelandic most wanted… everyone except the economic frauds deparment of the police”

“He leaves 150 billion ISK from the IceSave blunder that he thinks is ok that we pay that. If he gets away then the Icelandic legal system is fucked”

“Why isn´t Bjorgolfur Thor in police custody? His links with the Russian mafia alone are enough to warrant that. Geir Haarde ex PM protected him. He sits on the IceSave money like dragon on gold”



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