Depression vs. cannabis… again.

In the great depression that preceeded the second world war one of the main issues in USA was the war against drugs. Especially the war against cannabis. It was finally banned. A ban that has been citizised “bluntly” every since.

60 years later the “Green Island”, sometimes called Irelend got its nickname hijacked by this same problem. One of their best export goods for years was cannabis. Ireland cracked down on that and is now possibly following Iceland into trouble that could land them in thick smoke financially. Their banks have messed up and corporate cross ownership is lighting their society like a bad joint.Cannabis plant in Iceland

Now its our turn to “weed” ourselves out of the depression. What has happened in the last few months is a record amounts of cannabis factories have been found. Yesterday the biggest factory so far was raided, and now a day later another “joint” of similar size was just raided by the police.

The free enterprize was bound do go up in a depresson, but for it to go up in smoke like this was surprising, at least for those arrested.  This makes some people happy, but other want to legalize it.

Comments from people are rather sarcastic.

“What can the cocain storters of the good times to do when they cant even smoke themselves down in a depression?”

“Isn’t this entreprenaurship, some thing we need at the moment.”

“This is an attack against local production”

“It´s good to know that the police priority is. We can all sleep well, just like the capitalist billionairs, knowing that the horticulturists are sitting in cages”


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