Ice Save was supposed to conquer Europe

The infamous Ice Save accounts that caused a massive negative public and political reaction in the UK in october 2008 was sceduled to be opened in 11 other europien countries according to the newspaper DV.

The Ice Save accounts where hailed by the business elite in Iceland in 2007 as “the business idea of the year”.
It has not come to light that the main purpose of the accounts was to increase cashflow to Icelandic bank, Landsbanki after credid lines to Icelandic companies shrank before finally stopping completely in late 2007.
This was one of the main reasons for Landsbanki was put on HM Treasury terrorist list. The bank is still there.

Mr. David Oddsson the former head of the Icelandic Central bank gave the approval for Ice Save to be opened under the resposibility of the Icelandic taxpayer, who are now bleeding because of it.
Mr. Oddsson claims to have warned agaist the looming doom of the Icelandic finacial system at the same time. No evidence of that have been found.


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