Baugur and Logos

Baugur has gone bankrupt. The legal office hired to oversee the case claimed they had no contact or connection with Baugur. That happens not to be true. It was revealed straight after the announcement that the law firm Logos has indeed worked for Baugur, both as a firm and the lawyers as individuals.
This has raised the question of Logos’ ability to mange the case properly. reported that the connections between the companies are even more then first reports claim.
Among the things Logos did for Baugur was a legal opinion report in connection to the “Baugur Lawsuit” the biggest fraud legal case in Iceland. Baugur vs. the Icelandic state.

The talk is mostly negative about the signing of this particlular legal firm. Even most legal professionals are baffled about this as well.
The question most asked is this: Was it bad judgement, incompedence or corruption that led to this decision.


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